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Do You Know Where Fillings Originated?
Posted on 8/25/2019 by Rho Family Dentistry
If you have ever had a filling, you know how they can be a routine procedure. You get a cavity, you call us and come in for an appointment and we fill the cavity and send you on your way, and just like that, you are done! But have you ever stopped and wondered how our modern way of treating minor tooth decay came about? Amazingly, it has been around for centuries! The History of Dental Fillings There are a plethora of interesting facts that can be found when researching the history of dentistry, but one of the most surprising facts that we found is that fillings have been around for longer than any of us ever imagined. Recently, archeologists discovered 6,500-year-old skeletal remains of a young man in a cave near Trieste, Italy and were surprised to find that he had a filling made out of beeswax! Other archaeological discoveries have uncovered stone drills and fillings that date back closer to 9,000 years, way before the invention of pain medication and anesthetics, our ancestors were drilling holes in teeth and filling them. The silver fillings that we still use today were invented by a British chemist, Dr. Bell, in 1819. These tin, copper and silver fillings were used widely in Britain and finally made their way to America in the 1930s. Over time, we have developed many new technologies that allow us to completely restore your smile, whether it is for esthetic or health reasons, we can improve your oral health with ease. We offer several different types of tooth restoration including traditional silver fillings, resin fillings (tooth colored), inlays, overlays and even crowns can help keep your teeth strong and healthy. Give us a call today and schedule your next checkup, and we promise, if you need a filling we won't be using stone tools and beeswax to fix it!...

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