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Dental Pain Remedies You Must Avoid

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Rho Family Dentistry
Dental Pain Remedies You Must AvoidThere is plenty of information out there on the type of remedies you can use for toothaches. The only problem with most of the information out there is that it is not given by experts. People use all types of products to take care of toothaches without necessarily understanding the cause of the toothache and how the remedies work. Unfortunately, some of the most common remedies are actually harmful to you and should not be used. Here are some of the remedies for dental pain that you should avoid.


Garlic is often proposed by bloggers as a good remedy for toothaches. Most proponents of garlic argue that it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm swollen gums and can also kill bacteria. While these aspects might be true, you cannot use garlic without knowing the cause of your toothache. Garlic contains high amounts of acid which can harm your teeth more. When you are suffering from a toothache, avoid citrus and acidic foods completely. These types of foods can weaken your teeth and cause more pain.

Guava Leaves

The other remedy that is commonly advocated for is raw guava leaves. The proponents of such remedies propose that chewing raw guava leaves may help reduce inflammation and reduce the pain caused by the same. This is a good strategy but chewing guava leaves might aggravate the situation. If you are suffering from a toothache, avoid chewing raw vegetables, leaves, and roots. These are foods that stain your teeth and are more likely to hurt your tooth than help reduce the pain.

Ideally, dealing with a toothache should follow the best dental practice. These remedies should be avoided since they could make the situation worse. Only through such options there is no dentist nearby.

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