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What Are the Common Dental Problems in Adults?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Rho Family Dentistry
What Are the Common Dental Problems in Adults?Although elderly people get wiser as they age, there is a number of issues related to aging gums and teeth. A lifetime of grinding, gnashing, general wear, and also chewing together with medications can lead to oral health issues in elders. As a result, the elderly may suffer from inflamed gums, gum infections, or bleeding gums. Below are a few dental problems that can worsen as a person gets old.

Tooth Decay Worsens With Age

Arthritis affects many elderly people, among other health conditions such as diabetes. With these medical problems, brushing becomes painful and difficult. Arthritis is the main cause of painful wrists and knuckles among elderly patients.

People who suffer from dementia are also unable to properly brush their teeth. Tooth decay begins at a tender age, and if proper hygiene is not observed, there is a possibility that teeth will start to decay.

Bad Breath

Bad breath comes out as a result of dry mouth. Saliva will not only moisten food for easy chewing but moistens the mouth to prevent bacteria production, which leads to bad breath. People who always have dry mouths are likely to have bad breath. The elderly might forget to take water which can make it possible to have a dry mouth leading to bad breath.

Receding Gums

Receding gums is a dental issue that most elderly people face. Some causes of gum recession are frequent teeth grinding, family history, dental hygiene, and smoking. If an elderly start smoking at an early age, then his/her gums and teeth are vulnerable to decay and infections. However, if you are responsible for taking care of the elderly, then you can ensure good oral hygiene is maintained at all times. That way, you can prevent an increase in the possibility of them suffering from receding teeth. If deep cleaning is required, ensure it has been prescribed by a medical professional.

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