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Cleaning And Maintaining Permanent Retainer

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Rho Family Dentistry
Cleaning And Maintaining Permanent RetainerYou should always brush your teeth using a soft bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste every morning and night. Spend additional time brushing around the retainer by tilting the brush vertically and washing thoroughly. This eliminates the disease and bacteria gathered around the retainers. For the removable retainers, clean their casing regularly and similarly clean it before putting the retainer away. Scrub all the surfaces gently with warm and soapy water, then rinse them off and dry them.

Flossing your Teeth

Before going to bed, floss your teeth. Ensure to floss above and below the retainer to clean all nooks and crannies. Use a floss threader to clean under the retainer if you have problems. To avoid gum disease and cavities, you must floss underneath a permanent retainer. For clean permanent maintenance of the retainer and the teeth under, employ specialized tools and techniques. There exist risks of significant plaque and tartar buildup on and around the permanent retainer if you fail to floss. This bacterial growth on the teeth raises the risk of cavities and gum disease over time. While having straight teeth enhances the reduction of plaque buildup, failure to clean your retainer results in future dental challenges thoroughly.

Periodical retainer replacement

Retainers are similar to contact lenses or shoes in that they are removable. They experience the frequent effects of wear and tear and need periodical replacement over time. The duration of various retainers varies, as some are long-term and others are short-term, depending on the type of retainer.

Pay regular visits to dental checkups.

Regular dental checkups are highly advised as they offer fertile ground for critical analysis of one's dental condition, enhancing the deployment of necessary interventions. Our doctors are well-versed in every dental procedure, from clean treatment to removing the appliance's hardened plaque. Call us now and book your consultation session with our friendly medical practitioners.

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