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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Dental Bonding?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Rho Family Dentistry
African American woman smiling with her new dental implants from Rho Family Dentistry in Sacramento, CATeeth imperfections can convey a message that you do not take good care of your oral health. Imagine having chips or cracks on your teeth. This can affect your smile and social life. Are you considering ways to repair your teeth and improve your smile? Dental bonding may be a good solution.

It involves natural-looking resin materials applied on the tooth surface to restore smile and functionality. This procedure is reliable and offers durable results. In addition, a dentist can complete the entire procedure in a single office visit. Unfortunately, dental bonding is not effective for everyone. Here are some factors that can determine whether you are an ideal candidate for dental bonding:

Aesthetic Issues

Teeth that make you hide your smile may mean that you are unhappy about their appearance. In this case, you may need to repair the teeth to hide the imperfections. Unfortunately, dental bonding rules out people with extensive decay and trauma. It only works well for those with minor issues such as discoloration, small chips, and gaps between the teeth.

Sometimes, bonding materials can help to fix unique oral issues. For instance, if one tooth appears too short than others, a dentist may recommend dental bonding to make it appear longer. Nevertheless, dental bonding may not be a good idea if the back teeth are involved. This is because the bonding materials can experience damage caused by chewing.

Healthy Teeth

Your teeth's health is another factor determining if you qualify for a dental bonding procedure. For a successful bonding process, you should have healthy teeth. This means that the tooth's roots should be in good condition, even if the tooth has cracks or stains.

In addition, you should not have oral issues that could affect dental bonding. Are you considering dental bonding to improve your appearance and confidence? Our dental team will help to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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