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Single Tooth Implants

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Rho Family Dentistry
Older man looking at his straight teeth after dental braces at Rho Family Dentistry in Sacramento, CASingle-tooth implants are currently becoming increasingly popular for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root inserted directly into the jawbone to support a dental prosthesis, such as a crown, bridge, or artificial tooth. These are small titanium attachments with holes on each side that, once inserted, fuse with the bone and remain in place for long periods.

What are the Benefits of Single-Tooth Implants?

Single-tooth implants have many benefits, and aesthetic implants are a great option for people who want to replace missing teeth for aesthetic reasons. Since the implant blends with the surrounding teeth and lips, others will not know that you have the implant. Comfort implants are also beneficial for people who want to eat certain foods that are difficult to chew with dentures.

Unlike fixed dentures, they are not attached to the gums and do not pressure the surrounding tissue. Another major advantage of implants is their stability. They fuse with your jawbone, unlike fixed dentures, they do not move. Single-tooth implants are also beneficial for people unsuitable for fixed dentures.

Recovery Period for a Single Dental Implant?

Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how easy dental implants are and find it easier than tooth extraction. You can expect to return to work and daily life the next day. If you are in pain, we recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.

As with any dental procedure, hard foods are best avoided, and ice packs can help reduce swelling. The healing time for a dental implant to fuse with the bone may take more than 4 months.

Once you have fully recovered, you are ready to move on to the crown restoration. Dental crown restorations that look like natural teeth can be created directly at our clinic.

Reach Us Today

Single-tooth implants are a good option when replacing missing teeth. It is easy to apply, relatively affordable and allows you to continue chewing on the foods you enjoy daily. These are a great solution for someone looking to replace a single tooth. Contact us to schedule your dental implant appointment today.

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