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Treats to Have on Hand for Sweet Snacks That Won't Damage Your Smile

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Rho Family Dentistry
Treats to Have on Hand for Sweet Snacks That Won't Damage Your SmileDo you have a sweet tooth that just won't quit, but you are worried about the damage those sweets can do to your teeth? If so, then know that you have sweet options!

While you do not want to overindulge in sweets, there are plenty of options out there that can help you manage your sweet tooth without leaving you in dental misery a few months from now. Here are a few fun ideas of things that can help curb that sweet tooth without as much danger to your teeth.

Try Sugar-Free Options

There are many recipes that can be made without sugar, but still give you sweet offerings at the end. Plus, if you are not the baking type, there are many sweet, yet sugar-free options on the store shelves. Try a few until you find one that hits the spot for you, then keep a couple on hand for impulse cravings. Plus, next time you make something sweet, try replacing some (or all) of the sugar with applesauce. It typically results in something equally as sweet.

Fruit is another great way of getting a sweet fix without the damage danger. You do not want to eat tons of acidic fruits as that can hurt your teeth, too, but the occasional yogurt parfait with berries could be just what you were craving.

Sweet treats made with Xylitol can also help curb the danger while giving you the sweets you want. It is commonly used in mints and gums, and is great at protecting against tooth decay. You can find lots of options with this type of sugar substitute at the store, and online if you prefer to shop there.

We would love to help give you a few more ideas of sweets that you can indulge in now and again without as much worry when it comes to your teeth. Call our office today and see what options we can suggest.

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