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When You Do Not Treat A Cavity, The Problem Only Gets Worse

Posted on 5/15/2019 by Rho Family Dentistry
When You Do Not Treat A Cavity, The Problem Only Gets WorseWell, it's happened. You know that you have a cavity. Maybe you are experiencing a little tooth pain when you are eating or drinking. You may notice that your tooth becomes more sensitive with eating or drinking something really hot or really cold.

You may also notice a spot or a pit on your tooth. However you found it, the point is that you have one. This means that you are going to get that cavity fixed. You could put it off for a while, but the problem is that if you don't get your cavity treated, it may lead to other- really expensive- problems in your mouth.

Why Treating A Cavity Is So Important

Cavities happen when acids caused by bacteria eat away at your tooth enamel. The earlier that you get a cavity fixed, the better it is for your tooth, and your wallet. However, if you let the cavity alone, it will continue to grow.

As more bacteria enter the hole, the cavity grows, and eventually makes it into the pulp of the tooth. This is when the cavity will cause you pain. If the cavity remains long enough, it will eventually lead to the loss of the tooth due to infection from bacteria. You may have to get a root canal to clean out an infected tooth, or you may have to have the tooth pulled and replaced by a bridge or implant.

Research has shown that while bridges and implants are effective, they do not compare to natural teeth exactly with regard to bone loss and gum deterioration, because they are not true replacements for natural teeth. Root canals, bridges, and implants are far more expensive than a cavity is to fix.

If you have concerns that you have a cavity, why not give our office a call? Let us schedule you an appointment to talk to you about your cavity and how to get it fixed quickly.

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