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Tips to Help You Floss More Effectively

Posted on 12/15/2019 by Rho Family Dentistry
Tips to Help You Floss More EffectivelyAs simple as flossing your teeth may sound to some, it requires certain techniques to perform correctly. It can come as a shock for many to learn they may floss improperly.

Many of us were taught when we were young, it's important to run some string between our teeth, nothing further than that. When you run through your oral care routine. Flossing isn't something to try to check off a list.

Tartar Hiding Amongst Your Teeth

No matter how much you take care of your teeth, you will always have bacteria trying to grow. You can have as much as a million bacteria in your mouth. As the bacteria produce plaque, it becomes the last stage available to protect your teeth without professional dental help. 

If you don't floss followed by brushing effectively and consistently, the plaque becomes tartar. Tartar forms down below the gum line. It is rough-edged and porous, aggravating the gums causing them to recede and eventually causing gum disease. Flossing correctly keeps tartar from forming.

Flossing Most Effectively

We recommend using a floss pic. They look like a letter Y. They allow use with one hand and make reaching rear molars more accessible. Regardless of your preference, it's most important to use a floss you're willing to use each day. Remember to go between all cracks. Most people only rub the floss against one tooth when it goes in the crack.

Be sure to travel up and down both sides of the teeth into the gum pocket below the gum line. If your teeth begin to bleed, it should stop after 7-10 days of daily flossing. It's common when you first start flossing below the gum line to have a little bleeding. If it continues beyond 7-10 days. Call us, it's a sign of gingivitis.

Following these tips should improve your flossing. Correct flossing in conjunction with brushing for two minutes followed by some fluoride mouthwash will provide the best results. For more information, see our blog or feel free to contact us today. 

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