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How to Decrease How Much Sugar You Consume Easily

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Rho Family Dentistry
How to Decrease How Much Sugar You Consume EasilyIt was not always common knowledge that sugar is bad for your teeth. In fact, nobody believed Aristotle the first time he observed that sweet foods caused tooth decay. With the progression of science, it has become certain that sugar causes tooth decay.

Tooth decay occurs when acid present in the mouth attacks the tooth enamel and dentine forming holes or cavities.

Bacteria found within the plaque produces this acid. When you consume sugar, an interaction between the sugar and the bacteria within the plaque produces acid. This acid what is responsible for tooth decay. It slowly creates holes and cavities by dissolving the enamel. This can further lead to a tooth abscess, meaning your tooth will eventually have to be removed.

Starting the Sugar-Reducing Journey

Cutting down on sugar is easier than many people think. A good place to start would be to swap the soda with water once in a while. Water is best, but if you want something that is sweet to drink, getting some natural juice or a diet drink can be a good way to start. Try to cut back on the amount of sugar you add to the things you drink or eat. You can also add fruits to your oatmeal or cereal instead. Cutting off small proportions daily is a good idea.

When dealing with recipes that involve sugar, substituting sugar with unsweetened applesauce is advisable. You should make an effort to eat frozen, dried or canned food. It makes a big difference if they are fresh. In addition, you should avoid foods that have been canned in syrup; choose fruits canned in water or natural juice. Instead of adding sugar in recipes, healthy extracts such as lemon, vanilla and orange can spice up the scent and taste of your food.

What to Expect
If you monitor your sugar intake, you are not only watching over your teeth but also over your general health. Sugary foods create a good environment for bad mouth odor to form, especially before bedtime. Therefore, by reducing your sugar intake, your breath is less likely to chase people away. In addition, you are less likely to suffer from teeth and gum disease. Book an appointment to check up on the health of your teeth and to receive more guidance about sugar consumption.

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