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Signs a Dental Crown is Cracked or Lose

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Rho Family Dentistry
Signs a Dental Crown is Cracked or LoseA dental crown is a device that restores a tooth to its original appearance. Besides restoring appearance, a dental crown also aids in keeping your teeth aligned properly and protects your gums from infection. Crowns are made of different materials. The most common material for crowns is porcelain. However, they can also be made of metals like stainless steel or other alloys.

If you have a crown, you know how important it is to your dental health and lifestyle. Having a crown makes it so that you can eat the foods you love. More importantly, they make it possible to care for your teeth properly. Even if you take good care of your crown, there's a possibility they can get damaged. Damaged crowns are a problem. They can cause discomfort and even be dangerous to your health.

How to Spot a Broken Dental Crown

Spotting a broken dental crown may seem like an easy task. However, it may prove harder than you think. We see many people who didn't even realize they had a broken crown. The first sign to look out for is pain. If you feel pain in your mouth, you may mistake it for a common toothache. If the pain is near your crown, it probably indicates that it's damaged.

When a crown is damaged, you may not see visible signs. Looking in the mirror doesn't always tell the whole story. It's possible for crown to have hairline fractures that the human eye can't see. Crowns damaged this way can chip off while you eat, so it's important to get them looked at.

Having a damaged crown is no fun. You may be putting your dental health at risk if you wait to get it seen. If you suspect you have a damaged crown, please contact us as soon as possible. We will be able to diagnose the reason you may be feeling pain.

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