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Benefits of Using a Tongue Scraper Daily

Posted on 7/20/2020 by Rho Family Dentistry
Benefits of Using a Tongue Scraper DailyOne of our patients came into the office complaining that he had problems with halitosis. In fact, he said the condition was wrecking his social life. He just could not understand what was going on. He brushed with a minty toothpaste and rinsed with an equally minty mouthwash. However, once we told him about tongue scraping, his condition and life improved.

What Is a Tongue Scraper and Why Is It Beneficial?

A tongue scraper can get rid of the plaque and bacteria on the tongue that can cause bad breath. While you may think brushing and using a mouth rinse will keep your breath clean, you may need an additional reinforcement. A tongue scraper helps you get rid of any lingering odors that settle in your mouth. If you use a mouthwash, that may only be a temporary fix, as some mouthwashes only freshen the mouth by masking the odor. They do not remove the odor-causing bacteria. That is why it is a good idea to use a tongue scraper.

What Else Can a Tongue Scraper Do?

A tongue scraper can also remove the germs that can lead to gingivitis. When you use a tongue scraper, you are making doubly sure you get rid of all the germs and plaque that lead to gum disease. Researchers discovered that if you use a tongue scraper, besides brushing and flossing, you can completely remove the germs that cause both bad breath and tooth decay. That is a nice bonus. By spending a little extra time using the scraper when you brush, you can make a big change in your dental health.

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