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Flossing is Essential When You Want a Totally Healthy Mouth

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Rho Family Dentistry
Flossing is Essential When You Want a Totally Healthy MouthIf you are in the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, make sure you remember to floss as well. You need to both brush and floss to ensure that cavities do not form on the surface and in between teeth. The following information shows you why you need to floss as well as brush your teeth.

Why Flossing Is Important

You have areas inside your mouth that brushing cannot reach. That is when flossing comes into play. By flossing between the teeth, you can get rid of stuck food and plaque and prevent problems with decay at the gum line and in between the teeth. By flossing your teeth after you brush, you can ensure the total health of your gums and teeth. If you have tight spaces between the teeth, choose a mint waxed floss to dislodge plaque and food. For more extensive spaces, you can get by with using a non-waxed floss. Usually, it is better to choose the wax kind, as it is gentler to use.

Can I Use a Water Floss Instead of a String Floss?

Using string floss is still best to remove stuck food and plaque. You can use a water jet or water flosser to support your regular brushing and flossing routine. Doing so will remove any last sign of food and residue and will keep your mouth its cleanest. It helps to use a tongue scraper or brush your tongue for added protection too.

Using a string floss can do you a lot of good when it comes to caring for your gums and teeth. Never discount the use of floss when it comes to your overall dental hygiene. Not only will you experience fewer dental problems, you will also feel more confident about smiling. Give us a call today if you have not had a professional exam and cleaning in the last six months. Stay on top of every aspect of your dental care routine.

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