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Frozen Yogurt is A Healthy Snack Your Teeth Will Love

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Rho Family Dentistry
When craving an ice-cold snack, frozen yogurt is your best option for a tasty dessert that is also good for your teeth. Ice lollies and ice cream are notorious for their sugary ingredients that are damaging for the oral cavity, which is why frozen yogurt should be your treat of choice.

Why Frozen Yogurt is Healthy

Apart from being delicious, frozen yogurt has numerous benefits, primarily to do with health and digestion. Frozen yogurt is lower in fat and sugar compared to ice cream, making it healthier for the teeth. The sugar from ice cream can break down the enamel and cause wear. This is why in the summer it can be a good idea to swap out the ice cream for frozen yogurt to prevent long-term damage to the teeth.

Frozen yogurt contains what is known as probiotics, which help with regulating digestion, particularly for those who are sensitive to dairy. This makes it an ideal snack for after dinner, as it can promote healthy digestion. Frozen yogurt also goes well with banana, which contains vitamin D, making it good for tooth enamel.

Frozen yogurt is also an effective way to get calcium for those who do not like milk. Calcium is good for the teeth as it helps strengthen the enamel. Frozen yogurt can help balance out an acidic mouth by neutralizing the acid and slow down the growth of bad bacteria. The best type of frozen yogurt you can have is plain, as it will contain the least sugar and the most probiotic. When you have frozen yogurt, be wary of what topping you add, as you can make it just as unhealthy as ice cream. Plain frozen yogurt or frozen yogurt with fruit is the healthiest option. To learn how to better your diet, book an appointment with one of our oral professionals now.

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