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How Different Shades of Lipstick Affect Your Smile

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Rho Family Dentistry
Choosing the best shade of lipstick will determine the effect it has on your smile. Making the best decision is not based on your favorite color or a particular formula. It involves making the right decision based on your color hues, wardrobe, and complexion. Selecting the right lipstick to make your teeth look whiter is an uphill task for any lipstick lover. Here are different shades and the effect they have on your smile.

Red Shades

Red shaded lipstick tops the list when it comes to providing the teeth whitening effect. Most of the red lipsticks are blue-based, making it much easier to contrast your lips and teeth. Red is a deep color capable of highlighting the lip perfectly and boost the white tones in your teeth.

Pink Shade

Pink is one of the safest lipstick shades any lady can go for, especially for those who do not like bold colors. When choosing a pink shade, you should go for specific ones such as berry pinks, since they make the teeth appear whiter. Avoid yellow and orange-based pinks, for they make the teeth appear slightly yellow. For those who love the nude color, pink nude is perfect, as it complements your whitened teeth and lush lips, giving you a perfect smile.

Dark Shades

Dark shaded lipsticks such as the brown-hued often make the teeth appear slightly yellow because they always highlight the yellow tones. If you like darker shade, you should pick either go for berry-hued oneness or a blue-based one. The two have properties similar to the red lipstick, reflecting your smile and making your teeth appear whiter because of the contrast. It is a good smile that gives you the confidence and comfort to smile in a social gathering. Therefore, consider whitening your teeth to complement the shade of your lipstick. Contact our office for more information about teeth whitening for the perfect smile and a boost in confidence.

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