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Is Tooth Whitening Procedure Safe?

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Rho Family Dentistry
An estimated 45 million Americans have professional teeth whitening procedures every year. A big reason for the popularity of professional tooth whitening procedure is that it is painless and comes with virtually no risks.

There are many teeth whitening products available in the market, including teeth whitening kits. However, many people still prefer a professional teeth whitening session since the results are quicker and more dramatic and the procedure is done safely.

In the past, teeth whitening procedures often resulted in teeth sensitivity and gum inflammation. At Rho Family Dentistry, however, Jeffrey J. Rho, DDS and take all the necessary precautions and make sure the procedure is carried in a safe and painless way.

Sensitivity Caused by Tooth Whitening

Some people have thin enamel, which can result in sensitivity while eating hot and cold after a teeth whitening procedure. However, this issue is usually resolved in a couple of days. People who complain of sensitivity can take the following actions:

•  Use a potassium nitrate toothpaste that can help with sooth sensitive nerve endings.
•  We may also recommend you use fluoride toothpaste that can strengthen your teeth and ease the discomfort.
•  If you use whitening trays at home, stop their use for a few days.
•  Some people also suffer from gum irritation during teeth whitening, which may be due to the whitening agent leaching onto the gums. However, Jeffrey J. Rho, DDS and ensure that this does not happen and you remain as comfortable as possible.

Who Should Avoid Tooth Whitening Procedure?

There are some people who may not be suitable candidates for tooth whitening procedure:

•  If you have severely worn down enamel and/or highly sensitive teeth.
•  If you are pregnant or nursing.
•  People who have porcelain veneers and crowns should know that these restorations cannot be bleached. Hence, they should first get a teeth whitening treatment and then get dental restorations to make sure all their teeth match.

Teeth whitening is one of the safest and most effective ways to bring your smile back to its former glory. If you are thinking of getting your teeth whitening, call us today at (916) 562-2755.

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