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Tooth Decay Is Now a Thing of the Past

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Rho Family Dentistry
Tooth Decay Is Now a Thing of the PastTooth decay can result in major dental problems when ignored. The key to fixing tooth decay is the right choice of dental filling. Our professionals use quality dental fillings to take care of small and major damage to your teeth and leave you with a flawless smile.

Dental Fillings Are Important

A dental filling is a material used to cover up a crack or a hole in your tooth. This filling is usually strong and composite and can last up to 10 years or more. The reason the filling is important is it acts as a barrier between harmful bacteria and your tooth. It protects your tooth from further decay and ensures you do not suffer from tooth loss.

The most important role of a filling is it protects the structure of the tooth. These are quick and affordable solutions and don't take very long to execute either. Our professionals get it done effectively keeping your comfort in mind. We also ensure the filling matches the natural tooth color.

Different Kinds of Fillings

There are different kinds of dental fillings available in the market. However, our professionals prefer composite fillings as these match your tooth color. Amalgam or metallic fillings are noticeable and take away from the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. These fillings however can be used for your molars since they tend to last longer and are heavy duty.

The process of dental fillings is easy. The area that needs to be filled is properly cleaned and polished to create smooth edges. The filling is carefully placed into the gap with the help of an acidic gel that holds it together. A bonding agent is then applied and is hardened with the use of blue light. This bonding agent also acts as the enamel for your tooth.

If you are suffering from tooth decay, a crack, or a chip, book an appointment with us so we can fill up that space and keep your teeth healthy.

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