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4 Tips for teaching Kids to Brush Teeth

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Rho Family Dentistry
It is necessary to teach your lil one how to scrub their milky whites the right way. Tell them about the importance of brushing and oral health to encourage them to incorporate brushing into their daily routine.

Brushing may not initially be easy for young ones. Here are 4 tips for teaching them to brush their teeth in the correct manner:

Refresh Your Own Knowledge

There is a good chance you don't think much about proper brushing techniques. Read up on the correct methods for brushing to be able to explain them to your kids. Ask them to brush gently in small strokes. Make sure they hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and thoroughly brush the outer, chewing, and inner surfaces of their teeth.

Begin by Brushing Kids' Teeth for Them

Young children have underdeveloped motor skills and are likely to brush properly. As soon as your baby's first tooth emerges, buy a soft, infant-sized toothbrush and dab a small amount toothpaste on it. Explain the process to your child out loud as you brush their teeth. They are likely to internalize the information even if they are young enough to fully comprehend what you are saying.

Allow Children to Choose Their Toothbrush

Get kids enthusiastic about brushing by allowing them to choose their toothbrush and pick their favorite flavor of toothpaste. Pediatric toothbrushes usually have an attractive design as they have thicker handles and smaller heads. Allowing kids to select their toothbrush gives them a sense of ownership and makes them look forward to brushing.

Make Brushing Fun

Get children excited about brushing by associating it with fun activities. Make them brush their teeth right before they take a bath or change into their sleeping suits to prevent a negative association of brushing with sleeping. You can also turn on their favorite song while they brush, or brush your teeth along with them to encourage them.

Establishing tooth brushing habits from a child's early years are likely to enable them to maintain good oral hygiene throughout their lives. If you need advice regarding the wellbeing of your child's teeth and gums, call us at Rho Family Dentistry at (916) 562-2755 today.

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