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Methods of Correction for Overbite

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Rho Family Dentistry
Methods of Correction for OverbiteMisaligned teeth might cause you to feel self-conscious when showing your smile to those around you. The following causes of and methods of correction for overbite can help you achieve the smile that you desire.

At Rho Family Dentistry, Jeffrey J. Rho, DDS and can help patients' understand what overbite is and how to improve their teeth alignment by providing high-quality consultation.

Causes of Overbite

The overlapping of the lower teeth by the upper teeth is known as an overbite. While some individuals experience slight overbites, others suffer from more severe teeth misalignment. Overbites can be caused due to heredity, poor alignment of the jaw, and certain childhood habits like prolonged bottle-feeding, tongue thrusting, nail-biting, eraser head chewing, or thumb sucking.

Methods of Correction for Overbite

While there is no age limit when it comes to correcting overbites, it is easier to treat children since their jaws aren't completely developed. Following are some methods of correction for overbite:


If your overbite is caused due to misaligned teeth, surgery can sometimes help in repositioning the jaw and improving the alignment of teeth. Our expert orthodontists will recommend surgery, teeth extraction, or braces according to the severity of your overbite.

Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction is not a common method used to treat an overbite, it may be necessary for severe conditions. Our orthodontists may recommend extraction of baby teeth for teens and children in order to create the necessary space for the eruption of permanent/adult teeth.

Dental Braces

Dental braces can help fix and straighten teeth misalignment. The duration of this correction treatment can range from 1-2 years or might even be longer.
Speak to our expert orthodontists today to get your jaw positioning and mouth examined today to determine the method of correction that best suits your specific condition. Contact us today at (916) 562-2755.

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