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How Often Do Electric Toothbrush Heads Require Replacement?

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Rho Family Dentistry
How Often Do Electric Toothbrush Heads Require Replacement?While electric toothbrushes do not necessarily clean your teeth any better than manual toothbrushes, they do have numerous benefits. Many people prefer to use electric toothbrushes for environmental reasons, or because of features like two-minute timers that can help you brush your teeth thoroughly. People with manual dexterity impairments may also find electric brushes more comfortable to use than traditional brushes. But just like a manual toothbrush, your electric brush head needs to be replaced regularly in order to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Know When to Replace Your Brush Head

While the base of your electric toothbrush probably does not need to be replaced unless it breaks, the brush heads are not designed to be permanent. The ADA recommends replacing your electric brush head every three to four months, just like a manual toothbrush. If you have trouble remembering how long you have been using your current brush head or forget to write down the date, certain physical indicators can be a good reminder. First, you should always replace your brush head if the bristles appear frayed, flattened, or worn down. Worn-out bristles will not do a good job cleaning plaque and food particles from your teeth, which can put you at risk for developing cavities and other issues. Second, many electric toothbrushes feature “indicator bristles” that change color when it is time to replace your brush head. Some makers of electric toothbrushes even offer a subscription service that you can sign up for to receive replacement brush heads periodically, so you always have a replacement available.

You should also make sure to replace your brush head if you have recently been sick, or if someone you live with was sick. Using the same brush head you used when you were ill can put you at risk for reinfection and spread germs to other people in your household. To learn more about electric toothbrushes, contact us today.

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