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Everything you need to know about denture stomatitis

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Rho Family Dentistry
Everything you need to know about denture stomatitisDenture stomatitis is an infection caused by yeast or fungus which is known as candida. This kind of infection is also called thrush and can appear in other parts of our body. When it appears in the mouth it is called denture stomatitis.

Those likely to get denture stomatitis are those people who wear dentures and those that got a challenge in keeping their mouth clean. Some antibiotics cause thrush to the mouth if taken for a long time. There are two types of denture stomatitis, and they are:

Canker sores

There is the most common type of stomatitis, these are sores that are pale or yellowish and have a red outer ring. These canker sores develop in a cluster and can be on the inside of lips, cheek, and even the tongue. The canker sores lead to acute and temporary pain which can go for about four to fourteen days. The canker sores can run in families and those likely to get canker sores are women and teens who are in their 20s.

Cold sores

Cold sores are another type of stomatitis that occurs around the lips near the edge of the mouth. You experience a tingling and burning sensation before the appearance of the sores. The cold sores crust and dry up and have yellow-colored scabs. These kinds of sores are contagious and they keep appearing.

The cause of denture stomatitis is having trauma from having dentures with ill-fitting or braces and this causes biting inside cheek, tongue, or lip surgery. Other causes are dry mouth, thrush or smoking of cigarettes. A doctor will also look at a person's medical history to check if the stomatitis was caused by a current or former drug. A doctor will also inquire about a person's sexual history and whether or not they have ever smoked.

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