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Ways of Increasing How Much Fluoride You Get Each Day

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Rho Family Dentistry
Ways of Increasing How Much Fluoride You Get Each DayFluoride helps to keep your teeth healthy. In fact, if you use fluoride proactively before you have cavities present in your mouth, you can beat the statistics that most people have cavities. Fluoride is your ally; use it to have a healthy mouth. We want to help you understand where fluoride is found and how to get more of it each day.

Fluoride And Your Lifestyle

Fluoride can be found in many different applications. For instance, fluoride is added to public drinking water in the United States. By just drinking water from the tap, you are getting more fluoride. In addition, you can get more of this health-promoting mineral by drinking brewed tea. Different kinds of tea have different levels of fluoride; however, tea generally has higher levels of fluoride than most other beverages.

You can also find fluoride in food. Usually, trace amounts of fluoride are present in food; however, some foods generally have a higher fluoride content. Shrimp, raisins, potatoes, and oatmeal tend to have more milligrams per serving of fluoride than other food. If you want to increase the amount of fluoride you have each day, you can take a sodium fluoride dietary supplement.

Don't Forget to Call us

We can prescribe a toothpaste with a higher amount of fluoride than most grocery store brands available. To do so, we want to see you in our office. It is important that we look in your mouth and see your needs before we prescribe any additional medications. We want to help you have a healthy mouth while also understanding how much fluoride is necessary for you. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them at your next dental cleaning and exam. Give our office staff a call to schedule your next appointment.

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