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Diagram of a dental bridge from Rho Family Dentistry in Sacramento, CA.Dental bridges are used to bridge gaps created by missing teeth. A bridge is consists of two or more crowns for the teeth on both sides of the gap and a false tooth (or teeth) in between them.

The anchoring teeth on both ends of the gap are called abutment teeth. The artificial teeth are known as pontics and are made from porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination of each of those. Dental bridges are supported by your natural teeth or by implants.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have many benefits. They restore your smile and preserve the natural shape of your face. The bridges also give you the ability to chew and speak properly. Also, they evenly distribute the forces in your bite by replacing your missing teeth, and they prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of position.

Types of Dental Bridges

The three main types of dental bridges we offer are:
•  Traditional bridges, in which we create a crown for the tooth or implant on one side of the missing tooth, and place a pontic in the middle. Traditional bridges are the type of bridge that is used most commonly. It is made either of ceramics or porcelain fused to metal.
•  Cantilever bridges, which are when only adjacent teeth remain on only one side of the missing tooth (or teeth). This type of bridge is not commonly used anymore. We especially don’t recommend it in the back of the mouth where it tends to place excessive force on the other teeth and cause damage.
•  Maryland bonded bridges, which consist of porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal or plastic teeth and gums supported by a framework made of porcelain or metal. Porcelain or metal wings are often used on one side of the bridge and are bonded to your natural teeth.

Cost of Dental Bridges

The price of a dental bridge can vary based on the type of bridge we use. Depending on what kind of individualized dental plan you have, your dental insurance provider will usually cover a portion of the cost. If you practice proper oral hygiene and come in for regular checkups, your dental bridge can last over ten years.

Effectiveness of Dental Bridges

Some people worry that eating and speaking become harder with dental bridges. However, having missing teeth makes eating and speaking more difficult and replacing teeth with a bridge most often makes those activities much easier. However, until you become used to your new bridge, we recommend eating soft foods cut up into small pieces. You can speak much more easily by wearing a dental bridge properly aligned with your anterior teeth.

The success of the bridge depends on the strength of the surrounding teeth, so it is essential to take care of your remaining teeth. By brushing and flossing two times a day and using antiseptic mouthwash daily, you can prevent gum disease and tooth decay. It is also important to eat a balanced diet and keep a regular cleaning schedule so that we can diagnose any complications at an early stage.

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A dental bridge is a fixed (non-removable) appliance and is one of the traditional dental methods for replacing missing teeth. Call Rho Family Dentistry at (916) 562-2755 to schedule your appointment with us today.
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