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Top 5 Foods to Boost Oral Health

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Rho Family Dentistry
Top 5 Foods to Boost Oral HealthAlthough many people won't admit it, having a great smile often gives you a sense of pride and confidence when you look at the mirror and when you are conversing with people.

When you look into the mirror when you are brushing your teeth or preparing to step out, seeing that gorgeous smile will often create a great sense confidence and knowing that you look great.

To achieve this, one must practice good dental habits so that the teeth can remain healthy and strong. One of the most important habits is watching what we eat. In the end, the kinds of foods we eat have a lot to do with our oral health. Here are a few foods that boost oral health.


One of the most common beverages is tea. Although it's great for soothing stress among other things, it's also great for people's oral health. Both black and green tea has a substance called polyphenols that researchers have found to slow the growth of oral bacteria that cause cavities among other issues.


Dairy products such as cheese are great for our teeth. The acidity in the mouth often causes cavities and plaque buildup which can destroy the teeth. However, when you consume cheese, it significantly lowers the acidity in the mouth, making it quite difficult for the formation of cavities.


When you are looking for something sweet to consume, please go for raisins as opposed to the typical sweets or sugary drinks. Raisins are naturally sweet, but don't contain any sucrose that helps in the formation of plaque which in turn can destroy teeth. This way you get your treat without worrying about your teeth.


For the longest time, people have been encouraged to drink milk. That's because it's good for teeth and the body in general. Its high levels of calcium make it a good food to build up the teeth's enamel. What's more, it eliminates acidity more than water or apple juice.


Cranberries are also a great addition for fruits you can much on when you feel hungry. They contain polyphenols, just as tea does and help to keep the plaque from sticking to teeth. This way, when you brush your teeth, you will always clean them well and not have to worry about cavities forming.

Our diet is crucial. When you eat the above foods, you can be sure that you will enjoy them without placing your teeth at any sort of risk. This way you reinforce your oral health and also keep your teeth healthy.

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